Conference Program

  • Professor Peter Corke
  • Peter Corke is the distinguished professor of robotic vision at Queensland University of Technology, director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision and Chief Scientist of Dorabot. His research is concerned with enabling robots to see, and the application of robots to mining, agriculture and environmental monitoring. He is well known for his robotics toolbox software for MATLAB, the best selling textbook "Robotics, Vision, and Control", MOOCs and the online Robot Academy. He is a fellow of the IEEE and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, has held a number of editorial board positions and held various visiting positions.
  • Hiroshi Shimizu, PhD
  • Professor
  • Lab. of Agricultural Systems Engineering Division of Environmental Science & Technology Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
  • Timo Oksanen, PhD
  • Associate Professor
  • Agri-mechatronics at Technishe University of Munich and Visiting Professor at Aalto University
  • Manoj Karkee, PhD
  • Associate Professor Biological Systems Engineering, Washington State University
Full conference program will be published soon.