Let's make your orchard or vineyard smarter.

The Smart Robotic Viticulture team, led by Dr Mark Whitty, invents and develops algorithms for image processing which make your agtech personnel and machines smarter and more efficient. Planning and optimisation algorithms have been used to solve industry challenges and improve researcher efficiency. Join us now for a chance to drive the industry forward and increase Australia’s competitiveness on the global stage.

Our Competitive Advantage

Successful Applications

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Computer Vision

Good at counting? Join us to learn how advanced image processing methods can improve yield estimation, predict berry diameter, highlight areas of a block susceptible to disease and more.

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Data Mining

How do 146,601 berries counts, 26,042 photos, 162 hours of video help predict spatial maps of harvest yield? Find out in our yield estimation work.

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Data Visualisation

With 63,344 manual measurements to choose from, we are developing innovative ways to draw insights by visualising data effectively.