Let's make your vineyard smarter.

The Smart Robotic Viticulture team aims to help you improve your productivity, profitability and competitive edge by supporting automation in viticulture. By combining a passion for technology, substantial experience in fieldwork and novel theoretical methods we are well placed to turn your problems into robust, practical and smart solutions. Join us now for a chance to drive the industry forward and increase Australia’s competitiveness on the global stage.

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Computer Vision

Good at counting? Join us to learn how advanced image processing methods can improve yield estimation, predict berry diameter, highlight areas of a block susceptible to disease and more.

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Data Mining

How do 146,601 berries counts, 26,042 photos, 162 hours of video help predict 2 spatial maps of harvest yield? Find out in our data mining page.

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Data Visualization

With 63,344 manual measurements to choose from, we are developing innovative ways to draw insights by visualising data effectively.